suddenly i saw a man,who was thin and tall with sunken eyes,looking directly at me.There was something very strange about him that made him unique.i was scared by his view and was blank for a while.actually,i sunk in the sea of thoughts that time.then,as if i got a treasure i came back,i recovered.yes,he was known to me.the one who came in my dream last night. he was having a knife with him,an old fashioned one.this made my tense to reach its peak.he started walking,as slowly as possible.i heard his footsteps nearer and nearer...each second seemed to be an hour.i wanted to scream,as loud as i could.but i couldn't,i was in dreams everything disappeared...i opened my eyes with shock and heard my mom calling me.with a sigh of relief,at last, i realized 'it was all a dream' even though i couldn't believe it at first.i started my day as usual,hoping it to be a better one.
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