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Syngamy consists of three steps:-
1) PRE FERTILISATION: consists of two processes i.e. 
                                     a) Gametogenesis: formation of male and female gametes. gametes are haploid cells.
                                     b) Gamete Transfer: after the formation of gametes this process takesb place... in this, gametes are brought together for fertilisation.male gametes are motile whereas female gamete i.e. ovum is non-motile.
2) FERTILISATION: complete and permanent fusion of male and female gamete to form a single cell called as zygote.
3)POST FERTILISATION: in this formation and development of zygote takes place. this consists of 
                                     a) zygote:it is single celled and diploid in nature.
                                     b)Embryogenesis: the process of development of embryo from the zygote is called as embryogenesis.
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