To prepare the brochure of any place firstly you should start with the main tourist attractions of that place. With every destination, make sure that a small article is attached so that the readers get an idea of the place. A standard brochure must have atleast 10-15 destinations in it. 
Once done with the places, move on to the people and culture of Jharkhand. As Jharkhand is all famous for its tribes, a small piece of work on the various tribes would do well. Include as many tribes as you can. After tribes get done with the industries and level of development in Jharkhand. You can develop  rich article by including steel industries in your work. Also include the level of scientific development there. These will give enough material for the brochure. 
Next come how to compile them. If you are looking forward to a hand made one, then it'll be best if you buy a blank copy of suitable size and then write down  the required information. Paste additional related pictures as well. 
However if you need a printed brochure, simply type out all the information and paste suitable pictures from the net in MS Word. Then you can print your document .