Exactly, there are 2 types of how units are derived. They are vector quantities and scalar quantities. Scalar quantities are units with only the magnitude of something. That is the size of something. For example distance in Km, time in seconds or speed in m|s that how fast or how big something is. HOWEVER Vector quantities are units with magnitude in which direction is stated. That means for example, 25 m|s towards north east. From that statement we know that a body is traveling at 25 m|s ( magnitude ) , and in which direction, that is north east. So a vector quantitys are units with both magnitude and direction. :-) hope it helps In French book is called Livre .. But throw pronunciation might change sometimes inbox me if u want to know more
The quantity which has both magnitude and direction is called vector quantity
Eg:  force, acceleration, distance, magnetic field, electric field, pressure, etc.
The french book is nothing but 
Livres en francais 
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