Recently there was a news that the tigers in nandan kanan zoo are producing healthy cubs and there is a good increase in their population.In the age where the wild animals are endangered it is elating to hear that zoo in your state endeavour towards protection and growth of wild animals.Write a letter in 150 words , to the forest ranger-in-charge of nandan kanan, expresssing your views in this regard



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Forest ranger-in charge,
Date- 11/07/15
Subject- Diminishing wildlife.
In today's generation when wildlife is fast disappearing  such a development is a very welcome news. Today when there is hue and cry everywhere about the diminishing tiger population, Nandan kanan near home has given excellent results. 
Now, there is every hope that there'll be a healthy net increase in the tiger population. We couldn't bear it if the majestic tigers one day got extinct. It would have horrendous effects on our eco system.. And not to mention that a great animal, India's national beast will get lost forever. If such goes on, we'll one day see pictures of tigers in museums only.
 I'm so very great full  to the Nandan kanan authorities for their honest efforts to save the tigers. Their struggles have borne fruit now. Every other Zoo authority should learn form Nandan kanan. 
Yours sincerely,
Soumita Chakraborty. 
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