In 22 ct of gold how percentage(parts) is gold and other element. and what are those other element's

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24 ct is pure gold what about 22 ct gold how much % is gold . y do they add other elements to the gold
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@nirmalsamannan the question is wt are the other elements they add ,not y do they add :)


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22 karat contains 91.67% gold. Depending on which color the gold is, different elements are mixed in. Yellow gold is mixed with silver and copper White gold is mixed with nickel, platinum, palladium and zinc Rose gold is mixed with copper .
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22 Karat Gold is an alloy of Gold, Silver , Copper and Zinc with the Composition as below                                                                                                                   Gold 91.67%
Silver 5%
Copper 2%
Zinc 1.33%
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