A very handsome ,hot and charming boy (it's ME) standing on a railway platform observes that a train going in one direction takes 4 seconds to pass him. Another train of same length going in opposite direction takes 5 seconds to pass him. The time taken (in seconds) by the two trains to cross each other will be



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The answer must be 40/9 
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not 5 sec u should say 4.4 r 40/9 or 80/18
sorry ur answer is correct the answer should be more than 4 secs but less than 5
yeah u are right
the question is quite funny ,[A very handsome ,hot and charming boy (it's me) !!!!!] lol
i'm truly i'm the 1 (very handsome .......etc and so) u can imagine about me not like dissected
The answer is 40/9..................