There is nothing such as vacules.It is vacuoles.
Vacuoles are clear spaces in cells with water or other substances in solution.
Plant cells have large vacuoles, while animal cells have smaller and fewer ones.They are bound by a membrane called tonoplast. It stores water (as discussed earlier) and food pigments ,waste products etc.It also gives turgidity to the cell.
Centrosome is a cell organelle found in animal cells only and is located near the nucleus.It has one or more centrioles which are surrounded by vibrating microtubules to form an "aster".They initiate and regulate cell division in animal cells and forms spindle fibers (with the help of asters).

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These are storage area of the cells.
Plants usually have one large vacuoles
Animal cells have small vacuole
It stores food, water, waste and other materials
In plants they provide physical support
When vacuoles are FULL the cell enlarges and pushes against the cell wall
When vacuoles are empty the cell shrinks a bit


Centrosomes aid in cellular division(mitosis).
It is located near nucleus
It is main place where cell microtubules get organised
They occur only in animal cells

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