Son – Papa I want to purchase a bike .
Father – why we have a TVS scooty .That is enough for our needs .
Son – Dad . Do you know that is outdated . Even girls do not want to ride that . They also have purchased Activa and pleasure . Shame upon me when I ride scooty in front of my female friends .
Father – Ok you do not want the bike because you need it .You want to purchase it because you feel shy in front of your girl friends .
Son – Papa those are not my girl friends . They are just friends . Why are you speaking like this?
Father – Because I know the boys of your age . They do not want to study but they only want to spend their time on friends and girl friends .
Son – Dad whay are you changing the topic . I want a bike .
Father – How much will it cost ?
Son – 95000
Father – what? Do you know I purchased this house for 90000 and you are asking me to purchase a bike for 95000 . What do you think I will do it or let you do it ?
Son – If you purchased it for 90000 30 years back then would you like to sell it for the same price .
Father – No never now my property is for 25 lakhs .
Son – In the same way dad my bike is also for 95000 and 30 years back it was just for 15000 then why not ?
Father – Ok I will think about it 

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