The events lead to the second world war is :
The treaty of versailles.
The league of nations.
German challenge to vengeful domination.
The fear of Socialism and the USSR.
Secret alliances.
Aggressive Nationalism.

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What about appeasement and Hitler's actions in Austria and Czechoslovakia as well?

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Causes of the events which lead to world war - ||  is ;- 

The main reason which lead to world war - || is that  when Britain and France proclaimed war on Germany when it captured Poland in sep 1939.

⇒ Due to Italian dictatorship also lead to the second world war in 1920.

⇒ The  terror of military rule in Japan and capturing of China in 1930 was also a reason behind for it.

The treaty of  versailles  was one of the major reason too.

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Do u mean Abyssinian and Manchurian crisis for the 2nd and 3rd?
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hitler invaded poland by driving the tanks of germany into poland. he did this due to the refusal of handovering the port of danzing of poland to hitler i.e., to germany. it is the main reason for happening the 2nd world war