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It narrows the alveolar space and causes the hardening of inter-cellular space between the alveoli wall and endothelium of capillaries.
Thus called the emphysema. Due to this the alveolar absorption becomes less. and cause the difficulty
and effort in breathing.
Hard walls are vulnerable to rupture also.
Smoke or coke deposits in the lung and make walls more thick also, thus making diffusion tough and thereby less air is absorbed.
This may lead to unconscious,or fluffage, and panting.
This lead to black cough disease also.

Smoking damage lungs , alveoli, capillaries and blood too.
The ph of blood is maintained by three things and co2 is one of them so, altering its concentration cause RISE IN THE BLOOD pH. thereby reducing the enzyme activities and less co-ordination.
Lack of O2 in body, and person gets easily fainted or Athlete syndrome develops.
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In cigarettes there is a tar which builds up on the alveoli which blocks them from being able to do their job.