The school bags are become very expensive on now a days. Today the school bag becomes both friend and foe to the student.It helps to student to carry their books as a friend. But it is also playing a great role as a foe too. Carrying bag on their shoulder became a great burden for them on now a days. Recently studiess and researches also said that the student back bone is bending highly due to this one only. Many students were facing this problem. So the schools have to provide shelves or have to decrease the books that they need to take to overcome this problem.
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The school bags r very heavy for students. The school bags r very costly.some school bags r not good bt they broke very fast.the school bags r like glow n stick with us when ever we r going any where.These days the school bags r very beautiful n all wants to bye it.the use of school bags is to keep book bt All people using for style. For small students the school bags r like Berden for them.when we hang our school bags on our shoulder we feel like awesome feeling our coming. The school bags r very use full for us so we should use it very care fully.the school the best school bags.
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