I think that the character of the hero is just as important as the heroic deed, because if you dont have the will and push to do something good for other people you may not do as good or you may not be as affective when you do the heroic deed. A hero needs to have a good character because if you are a hero people are going to look up to you and if you are a bad role model then what good is that going to be teaching others? A hero doesnt just need to strong and courageous but they need to be empathetic, understanding, and caring. When a hero does a good deed they shouldnt do it just to make them look good and make people love them that way, they need to be thinking about others and earn peoples love that way. A hero could also be just a regular person with no powers and someone that has never done a heroic deed in their life. Those people can be heroes in their own way by being a parent, a friend, or even a boss. The average person goes to work every day to a job that may or may not be too small for his or her soul. Many average people go to work everyday and live and think like they think they should, and then come home and take care of a family and sacrifice a lot of their time for their family. Many parents give up their own time to take care of kids, grandparents, and even cleaning the house. Being a hero also takes sacrifice, if you arent willing to sacrifice some of yourself to help others then that doesnt show good character and good character doesnt make a good hero.
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