NCERT - CLASS VI English Textbook

Match the job on the left with its description on the right.

(i) Navigator_______________ (a) Advises people what to do about jobs, personal problems, etc.

(ii) Architect _______________ (b) Works in politics, usually by standing for election.

(iii) Politician_______________ (c) Finds and monitors the route to get to a place, or the direction of travel.

(iv) Engineer _______________ (d) Reports on recent news for newspaper, radio, or TV.

(v) Computer ______________programmer (e) Plans the design of a building, town, or city.

(vi) Athlete _______________ (f) Controls and puts together a programme of music.

(vii) Disc jockey_____________ (g) Works in sports or activities such as running, jumping etc.

(viii) Composer______________ (h) Designs and builds things like roads, bridges, or engines.

(ix) Counsellor _____________ (i) Makes up notes to create music.

(x) Journalist ______________ (j) Designs the system by which a computer runs or gives information.



(i) is with C
(ii) is with E
(iii)is with  B
(iv) is with H
(v)is with  J
(vi)is with  G
(vii)is with  F
(viii)is with  i
(ix)is with A
(x) is with D