NCERT - CLASS VI English Textbook

The words in the box are all words that describe movement. Use them to fill in the blanks in the sentences below.

dived gliding Sprang
darting whipped…back delving
1. When he began to trust me, the squirrel began _________ into my pockets for morsels of cake.

2. I saw a cobra ___________ out of a clump of cactus.

3. The snake hissed, his forked tongue ____________ in and out.

4. When the cobra tried to bite it, the mongoose _____________ aside.

5. The snake _______________ his head ________________ to strike at the crow.

6. The birds _______________ at the snake.



1. delving
2. gliding
3. darting
4. sprang
5. whipped, back
6. dived
1 5 1