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The word vacation means holiday.we are become very excited on hearing this one word.generally in all the schools ,three vacationas are given.they are the summer vacation ,puja vacation and the winter vacation.summer vacation is very important for us.during tremendous hot summer,we should be at home because the heat may make us this summer vacation we plan many things to do.our parents always wants us to study and complete our syllabus so that we can do well in our a fact,summer vacations brings a lot of joy to us.
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For children, summer is the favourite season. because of the holidays that they get during this season. on these holidays, they spent their maximum time on vacations. on these holidays, most of the children with their parents went on excurtion, they went to the historical and famous places to get knowledge and entertainment. and they went to their grandparents houses to enjoy the days with their grand parents such that human relations will be strong. in addition to these, sun showers a lot of heat on this summer. but children put this thing aside and ran away to play on this summer. and the parents to ran around their children to control their children from going out into the hot sun. the whole summer is starts and ends in this way
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