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YES ! There should be old age homes for the aged.
Old age is the period during which people lack enough strength to do work on their own. They need some support in order to lead the rest of their life. Actually, children are supposed to take care of their parents. But, these days, almost every house has children who are educated and working. People working in different companies and offices hardly get some time to take care and spend with their family. Their parents are not given much care and attention. There are cases where they are not given proper food too. Really pathetic situation!
But, old age homes are the places especially for the aged. Proper care is given and the aged are treated with love and affection. Whenever children want to see their parents, they can come to the oldage home and bridge back the distance between them and their parents. 
Oldage homes are a kind of boon for the aged. So, there should be old age homes for the aged.

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I don't think so. It is the responsibility of children to take care of their parents and the children must remember how their parents take care of them when they were in childhood . Children must feel the hardest time of their parents when their parents fulfill their demands by sacrificing own needs happily.
Well, you are right in a way. But, not all children can do this. Oldage homes are for the ones whose children fail to care them properly. If all the children cared their parents in a loving manner, old ages wouldn't have existed at all. Care for one's parents is something which should be born within oneself unconditionally. It cannot be forced to sprout out!
* If all the children had cared their parents in a loving manner, old age homes wouldn't have existed at all.
t*t for tat.. if you cannot take care of your parents how could you expect that your children take care of you when you will become older!!,.. Verily lucky are those people who take care of their parents in any condition,,,