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A)1. The use of violence 
2. The loyalty to the leader 
3. The national feeling, which lead to the union with Austria 
4. The conquer of lands which belonged to Germany in the past 
yes in germany, there was an economic crisis. If a person has to buy food, he has to give lots of money. There is inequality in society, soldiers had to live in a very bad condition. People had no say in the government.
1. The Nazis called their ideology National Socialism and considered it a ‘third way’, neither socialist nor democratic. 2. Nazism was never articulated in much detail but was broadly defined in Mein Kampf and the NSDAP’s 25 Points. 3. At its core, Nazism revolved around a powerful leader and state, intense nationalism, militarism and racial purity. 4. Nazism aimed to repair German supremacy by restoring the economy, re-arming the military and ignoring foreign treaties. 5. The Nazis also harked back to traditional values of authoritarian government, social conservatism and Christian beliefs 

           After  the war made euro zone bankrupt leads to many death due to lack of resources.Then Germany was divided East Germany and West Germany which was governed by Russia(soviet union) and USA(west germany)   .Finally France .USA,Britain made an resolution to make Germany to the damage they made during the war