Non uniform motion is the motion which is non constant throughout the acceleration
eg.a) a cyclist riding a cycle on a rough road 
    b) a runner when gets tired loses its torque he gets in an non uniform motion

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1. In a  cricket match the cricket ball is bowled and it travels the pitch at 
     an average speed in air and after bouncing from ground.  The ball  slows down once it bounces from the ground.  It accelerates downwards due to gravity.

2. moon moves around the Earth with almost uniform speed

4. An object thrown in to air, like stone, moves at non-uniform speed.

4. Earth moves in an elliptical orbit non-uniform speed - its orbital speed 
    changes depending on its distance from the Sun. During summer Earth is 
      at 147 million km and (perihelon) during winter, it is at 152 million km.
          Linear Speed at perihelon = 2 π R / T  =  105,000 kmph
          Linear Speed at apihelon = 2 π R / T  =  109,000 kmph

5. Lift used to go up or down in a building - it moves at non-uniform speed - 
     accelerates and decelerates also.

6.  various  Particles in air move it non uniform speed.

7.  A foot baller runs at a non uniform speed, constantly accelerates, slows down, again speeds up and stops and speeds up..

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