People generally ask this question that girl child is a curse & blessing .But I think it as a stupid question. How can a girl be a curse. A girl is always blessing. Girl is a devi.Woman are the pillars of society. How can they be a curse. Girl is a mother who take can her children in every part of life. How can she be a curse? My question to the people of this whole world. Are girls really equal to the boys? I think so, girls r not equal to the boys. This all is just written in the books. It is  man dominating society where men are always considered for superior than the girls. Parents do not spend money on their daughters. They always neglect their daughter’s study having thought their daughter will leave them one day. Boys are always considered superior but girls can competition with boys in every field and even they can prove better than boys. I think we must raise voice against those doctors who r killing innocent girls before their birth and we must raise voice against those parents who go for abortion and considered girl child as a curse. Only then we can expect a good future. People think that girls are inferior but history is the witness that ‘Indira gndhi’ was a great leader. She gave a new dimension to India. ‘Kalpana chawla’ is a great legend & ‘Sunita Williams did a great job for India. Without a girl, a man is incomplete, a house is incomplete, &without a girl this whole world is incomplete .So I request u to please save the girl child & please never curse them.
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