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First of all u have to construct cordinate and the points the suppose u get all the values of v and t the  put all these value to the cordinate system u have to construct the line to cover it hence u will learn v  vs t graph 

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The time is drawn on the x axis.  The magnitude of velocity is drawn on the  y axis.  We assume that the speed is in the same direction.

Then at each point of time  t = 0 sec, 1 sec,  2 sec, etc.  we find out the speed.  A point is marked with the ordinate height = speed.

If the time range is a large one, choose the scale on the axis on the graph, such that the width of the graph paper is sufficient for  the range of time duration.  so scale = T seconds/ centimeter.

if the speed range is large or too small,  select the scale such that the range is with in the height of graph paper.  so scale =  V m/sec  / centimeter.

If the velocity is always positive, then,  draw graph only in the first quadrant.  If it is also negative, then  draw the 1st and 4th quadrants only.

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