Rate of Diffusion in liquids in higher than that in solids but lower than gases. 
Here too the particles of liquids move from an area of higher concentration to lower concentration. Faster diffusion rates in liquids is facilitated by looser ties between the molecules of a liquid which in turn leads to swifter movement. Diffusion in liquids is also termed as Osmosis.

Example- diffusion of ink drop in water.

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 Diffusion system is that it has a large surface area, thin membrane and a continuous supply of substances. Most liquids are also good solvents.Diffusion can also happen in liquids. This is because the particles in liquids can move around each other, which means that eventually they are evenly mixed.For example if you drop a little bit of paint into a jar of water the colour will spread slowly through the water. This is by diffusion.Diffusion in liquids is slower than diffusion in gases because the particles in a liquid move more slowly.....
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i need some more information because its a 50 marks question !