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A project report requires many pages, preferably a tie up file or scrapbook.
It has to be made in a definite format as follows-
Page 1- Project title and Made by. ( PROJECT TITLE )
Page 2 - A brief summary of your whole project. ( ABSTRACT )
Page 3 -  A thanking page for those who were a useful assistance in the project
                ( ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS)
Page 4 - Index or the CONTENT'S PAGE
Page 5 - INTRODUCTION to the project
Page 6 - BODY OF REPORT which consists of the important chapters and deals with your work.
Page 7 - EVALUATION where you yourself give your opinions on the project.
Page 8 - CONCLUSION - conclude your work and findings.
Page 9 - BIBLIOGRAHPY - Mention the books or websites.
Page 10 - END of project.
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Thank You so much! Now I am really clear about the process!! :D