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        It happenedn when I was over 10. I always wanted to know how to french braid but I could not figure out how to do it. One time, when I was at my grandma's place she tried to teach me how to do it.

       I tried over and over again for like ana hour or two even but I was completely hopeless and eventually, I started to cry (yes... I was a huuuge cry-baby). Despite the fact, my Granny was as optimistic as always; she told me to not give up, and so I didn't.
       I decided to learn it no matter how much time I would need - 2 hours, 5 or even a day... it did took me the whole day, but eventually, I could do it with my eyes shut! 
        This difficult lesson thought me that there's nothing we should fear and no matter the task, we can always achieve it given the time. Now, I am a proffesional hair dresser and I can do whatever I want with hair. I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for my Granny's optimism. 
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