Many of the largest polluters come from the chemical, pesticide oil.refining, petrochemical, metal smelting, iron and steel, and food processing industries. All are major users of energy that produce large amounts of waste products and pollution. Other industries have less potential impact but are still considered highly problematic when it comes to pollution. These industries include the textile, leather tanning, paint, plastics, pharmaceutical, and paper and pulp industries. 
 industrialization both pollutes the environment and depletes its resources.  Industry requires huge amounts of inputs such as ores and petroleum for fuel.   The mass of urbanization and cities that end up resulting from the factory system help to create overcrowded conditions where the delicate balances of the ecosystem are destroyed.  Additionally, the more factories that are produced that use the burning of fossil fuels release contaminants in the environment that end up creating huge plumes of polluted area, and trapping gasses that increase the Earth's temperature. ..