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You will need:
- Sheet of paper
- Pencil and crayons (if you want to make it by hand)
- Some pictures either from books, or the internet or your own camera shots (if you want to make it less manually)
- Glue, scissors and ruler
- Great idea! 

First, you should think about what your strip is going to be about. Choose some kind of an event in history. It doesn't matter if it's small or big, you can make it with both of those. 
Secondly, think about the event you're going to recreate. You need to establish the key-points of the event and make pictures of those or use pictures you have to illustrate them. 
Thirdly, write appropriate texts for each of the pictures and arrange them on paper grid. Remember the simple rule - the bigger the picture the more important it is in regards to the whole story. Texts shuold be appropriate for the situation and sharp - they should bring value not only to the single picture but also to the comic as a whole. 

That's all! I hope it makes your work waaaaay easier ;) 
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