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                                               Coromandel Fishers
                                                  - Sarojini Naidu -

        The first line of the poem is a call-to-arms kind of expression asking other fishermen to get up and start their day, because the sun had already risen. In the second line we can clearly see how the author uses a simile in order to emphasise the lull of the sea. We can say then, that the first part of the poem expresses the liveliness of the fisherman embarking on yet another day of fishing. They know the sea well and so they call themselves kings of the sea.

        Why do the fishermen 
track of the sea gull's call however? Those birds makr the fishing spots as they can tell where the fish are. That is why, the fishermen always follow them. The narrator underlines the deep bond between them and the sea itself. To strenghten the message, a reader is suggested that the bond goes as far as to the sea-god who will protect the sworn fishermen from any harm. 

      The last paragraph is again showing the deep connection of the people and the sea. It's not only that they like it, they actually prefer it over the blessings of the land, such as mangoes or coconuts. The last line finishesh the poem in a loop - circle of time. The sun sets and so the fishermen are coming back to the shores.
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