Pollution is fantastic if you are a low-order Mold or a anaerobic, hydrophobic bacteria that feeds off of waste and chemical impurities. 

Pollution is good for keeping the bottled water, and Home air purifier businesses booming year after year. 

Pollution is good business stimulus for hospitals and health care workers who specialize in the care of CANCER PATIENTS. 

Pollution is good for the Funeral Home business. 

Pollution is good for Zoos, soon they will be the only places you can see any wild animals that aren't sick or stuffed. 

Pollution is good for keeping trespassers off of your beachfront property. 

Pollution makes every rain puddle extra-rainbowy. 

Pollution keeps our winters nice and warm longer and longer every year. 

Pollution makes it easier to figure out which fish and shellfish that are caught in streams and rivers are safe to eat= None of them are! 

Pollution makes smog that prevents sun from getting in your eyes, and everyone hates that, am I right? 

Pollution kills off the weak and elderly, lowering the amount of consumption on the planet and leaving more of our sparce resources for the more hardy in the population (hundreds of thousands perish every year!) 

And last, Pollution makes sure that potential invading aliens will not want to take over our filthy planet.
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