Gamma, X-Ray and charged particle detectors,medical instruments,nuclear physics,etc

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Accelerators, Beam Handling and Targets, High Energy and Nuclear Physics Detectors, Gamma, X-ray and Charged Particle Detectors,Neutron Physics and Detectors,Medical Applications


Electron pairing without superconductivity seen at long last :   Electron pairing without superconductivity has been seen for the first time by a team of physicists in the US

Atomic gas puts the brakes on light in optical fibres :Light in an optical fibre has been slowed to a virtual standstill for the first time by a team of physicists in France and Austria

Swirling light beams carve intricate patterns:Beams of light polarized into spirals have been used by scientists in the UK to create intricate patterns on the surface of metals.

IceCube neutrinos do come in three flavours after all :High-energy neutrinos detected by the IceCube experiment in Antarctica are equally distributed among the three possible neutrino flavours, according to two independent teams of physicists.