1)Do you really need to drive a car everywhere? Walk to work, or ride a bicycle.
2)Carpool. Two - or four - can ride as cheaply as one.
3)Get a valid pollution under control certificate from authorized testing centre
4)Clean up your act. Keep automobiles fuel filters clean and save the fuel.
Clean the air filter and oil filter regularly.
Clean the carbon deposit from silencer.

1)Don't use extensively your private vehicles,try to use public transportation
whenever possible.
2)Don’t idle away energy. Beyond one minute, it is more fuel - efficient to restart your car
3)Don't forget to Keep your vehicle tuned up. When a vehicle is running well, it uses nine per cent less fuel and thus emits fewer toxic and noxious fumes.
4)Don't try to replicate mechanical works and experiment with your car.
5)Don't forget to replace your old battery with new battery when it required.
Don't use clutch pedal as footrest.
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