Write a para on - if you were the prime minister what would you do ?

If i am a prime minister i will close all the wine shop and i will try to avoid corruption and i will try decrese the amount of milk,deisel. i will increase the educational insititute. i will open new free goverment hospital.i


The prime minister main role to the best administer .not like a our accidental prime minister or puppet minister . if i took the Oath ,i make stranded level of both education institution and social economy(moving toward the international standard)  i will try to reduce the inflation and make sure rupees value is stable(by make more taxation for gold imports and improving the deficit margin )  . and ask the public sector bank to give loan to small micro entrepreneur .equal wrights to woman and pass the bill in both house . safety and security of inbound(naxalites) and out bound terrorism by improving enforcement strong . and pass strong bill regarding corruption and make CBI department as a non government governing .it will be governing by supreme court    
If i was the prime minister i would have worked hard to develop our country.i would have opened hospitals,schools,colleges.the corruption would be decreased.girls would get the same respect like boys.our india would develop in various fields like space,medical and all . the rates of every thing would be decreased.i will give every person a chance to prove him. i will make our air force,naval and military strong.there would an long impression of the india on whole world. there will be no more burgling , rapes in the country.our india would be a developed country.i will make new schemes for the welfare of country . there would be no more poor people in india . i will try my best to make our country a best one.