I have given the summary of first four stanzas u may get  an idea for the last two...please mark it best if u feel like....
In the bazzars of Hyderabad is written by Sarojini Naidu who was a great nationalist and freedom fighter,wrote the poem. This poem describes the various stalls of Hyderabad as well as the cultural and social life of the city.She wrote this poem during India's freedom struggle to arouse Indians to boycott British goods and to buy goods from beautiful traditional bazaars...The poet sees int the bazaar merchandise attractively displayed...she asks the merchants what they r selling in reply they said they are selling silver turbans,mirror framed in amber,purple brocade tunics and daggers with handles of jade....At another stall she gets the answer from vendors that they are selling saffron,lentil and rice..She questions the maidens to which they reply they r grinding sandalwood,henna and the pedlars the answer is they r selling chessmen and dice made of ivory...the poet enquirers the goldsmiths about their ornaments they reply that  they r making wristles,anklets and rings..  Furthermore they say they r also making bells for the feet of blue pigeons that r  as delicate as dragon fly's wings...In addition they make gold girdels for dancers and sheaths for swords of kings.