I have given characterisaton of two people  so that u may get an idea ...mark me as best if u feel like...hope my answer helps u  
Alagu Chowdhary: Alagu Chowdhary is one of the main protagonists of the st
story.He is a village moneylender and runs his buisness jointly with his friend
Jumman Sheikh. He is respected for his welath in the village.Alagu is loyal and trustworthy well as kind and sympathetic as when Jumman's aunt came for hepl he offered her...Alagu is stern and miserly like other typical moneylenders..
Jumman Sheikh: he is other protagonist o fthe story. he is highly esteemed for his knowledge in the village...he is greedy as he takes careof his old aunt just for the ssake of deed....jumman is quite shrewd and has got the agreement of transfer of propertydrafted as per his own convenience...Jumman ha sno faith in th efairness of panchayat... 

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