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plasma n bose einstien condensate are the 4th n 5th states of matter

Plasma - the state consists of super energetic particles.These particles are in the form of ionised gases.the fluorescent tube n neon sign bulbs consist of plasma.

Bose Einstien Condensate - In 1920,indian physicist Satyendra Bose had done some calculations based on he 5th state of matter.Biulding on his calculations,Albert Einstein predicted the 5th state of matter the BOSE EINSTEIN CONDENSATE
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Plasma and Bose Einstein Condensate are 4th and 5th state of matter.

Plasma is that state when particles of matter are super excited and release lot amount of light, heat and Energy.

Bose Einstein condensate is that when the particles of matter are super cooled down from it's normal temp. like -20° C , -60°C and etc.