i jumped out from my bed at midnight remembering the i haven't completed my homework project for annual exam i was crying and also completing it till 12 o clock i have only completed half project then suddenly my mom came and she gave a lecture about why you u not do u r project on time, she has given lecture for 2 hours then on 2 o clock i started the project again and it finished till 7 o clock then i suddenly slept and i missed the exam and also didn't gave the project
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....i dont know why,but i did.i couldnt understand what was going on with me.i switched the light on stood up for a while then walked a bit and again came back.i was very irritated eventhough, not knowing what the reason was.and sometime while,everything went dark,i saw a world unknown..or,what was it?i cannot explain..but,it was strange,strange as strange can be..suddenly,i saw a flash but couldn't find the source.i was all alone and was blank and still.i didn't know what to do or whom to call..and while i heard something unclear,like screaming or talking or laughing or..i dont know what exactly it was.i started hearing was becoming louder and louder.i was in panic and waanted to scream,but i couldn't even move my lips..i struggled hard..but it was in vain,nothing happened in was coming nearer and nearer..i thought of nothing else but of my death.i tried again,again and scream,to move,to turn .......................................................................... suddenly,everything reappeared ,yes,it was a dream,i think..or was it?
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