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Then i have to keep all the lights open for whole day because it will be whole dark,
plants cant prepare there food , animals cant get there food bczz of dark and people have to buy lamp for there cycles for going out. we would not be able to sleep because we don't know it is day or night, then children cant play there outdoor games, then children cant go to school bczz it will be dark

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It is hard even to imagine a day without the sun. If the sun doesn't come out for a day vast changes will have to be made.
Firstly the lights will be kept on even during day, as without the sun darkness would prevail over us. Also without the sun, our earth wouldn't get heated, and the day will be a chilling cold one, so heaters have to be used too. 
Next the plants won't be able to carry out photosynthesis in absence of the sun. Although for a single it won't hurt if no oxygen is produced if this condition persists for a few days, it'll be a disaster. 
In these summer days, we blame the scorching sun endlessly, but if it goes into hiding , our survival will be at risk.