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I Believe is a poem by a Garo poet, Brucellish K Sangma. It is a translation from the original Garo poem, Anga Bebera’a into English by the same poet. She is one of the eminent poets among the Garo women poets. She often translates her own poems from one language to another. The poem I Believe rotates around the theme of the uncountable capabilities of a human, his dreams and aspirations.The poem begins with the speaker of I Believe who is the poet herself, speaking about the innumerable inner capabilities of a human being. She believes that if she throws up a pebble she can pierce the heavens and watch the angels play.In stanza two, she believes she can reach the sky, touch the clouds which are as soft as silk. She also wants to feel the stars by touching them physically. Symbolically, she means to say that the poet desires to be among achievers and achieve great heights.The poet wants to deep dive into the ocean and swim along with sharks in the third stanza. It signifies to the desire of the poet to swim in the ocean of life, overcome all hardships and reach the harbor safely.The fourth stanza is about the poet’s belief that she can dig deep into the earth and get precious stones and gems to adorn her up. This symbolizes the use of human labor to get the resources that are accessible on earth such as metals, minerals and gems.In the fifth stanza, the poet believes that she can achieve a number of things among her fellow human beings and use the precious resources that subsist on earth.In the final stanza, the poet strongly believes that she has some particular duties which are allocated to her which she needs to perform dutifully in this world where she dreams and lives before she can venture out into other activities.
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