EGO is not a perfect think that,s not better .some are not use the ego i think but thats is it spealities in someone .
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Though they are many dimensions to life, ego is one of the big factors that consumes majority of the human bandwidth.. There are many dimensions to this pervasive thing like ego.
There are different ways of studying:
· The usual logical and scientific way of studying ego, what chemicals, genes and molecules form Ego, how the brain constructs and processes it? When it gets high? and so on.
· Philosophical and abstract way: Ego of being Intellectual, Ego of Action oriented and Ego of Pleasure seekers.· psychological and perception way of studying ego considering Childhood upbringing, , internal make up (aspirations, fear, anger, greed and so on) and surrounding culture
I was curious to understand Ego from mere observations around me; I thought perhaps writing day to day observations will be a good self learning exercise.
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