India is a developing nation. The majority of its population lives in rural areas. Forests play a vital role in the rural economy. It is important to empower people to take decisions on management of forest. There has to be a legal sanctity to village forest committee / forest protection committee. It is imperative to have a memorandum of understanding signed between people and Government. In forestry, unlike agriculture, gestation period is long.There is an urgent need for amending various forest laws and acts to facilitate the process of participatory management in forest. This needs to be harnessed properly for environmental stability and ensuring rural livelihoods. We need to strengthen it and sustain it for a bright future for both.
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forest people are very less knowledged on civilization. forest people show affectionate to their mother land. we can improve their life by creating awarness among the forest people.we have to attract to them modren civilization. By changing their thghuts.
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