I need answers for the following questions :

1) Write a paragraph on the topic "History is unique among all parts of social studies".

2) Write the subjects on which books were written in the modern period.

3) Write in detail of how James Mill classified history . (About 100 words).

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                             history is the very unique among all parts of social studies. geography,civics,economics are the subjects which we can read about today. but in history we can read about the past world. always "old is gold". in same we can read about the old moments of the world.experience will always help educationist. if we know about our history of the world we can know what is right and what is wrong. history is like our album which will remaind our past. this is very interesting like stories which is different from others.
i hope it will help u. all the best
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Thank you Harimaha5237 !!!!!
Pls others if you answer for the second and third ques tion , pls send the answers !!!!!
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