Politics and religion are two different things, we shouldn't mixed both of them. In other country they are not mixed that's why they developed very fast as compare to India. If Politician win the election he has to forget the religion and he has to develope the India in future.  religion is totally different from that of politics. A politician is one who treats the whole country as his responsibility and if due to any one sensitive topic which can divide the country or creates conflict among the people living in a country is like the politician is not serious towards his or her responsibility and simply finding his own success by diving the country.
During such cases the citizens of the country should be united without considering each others religion, along with that they should think twice without getting aggressive own what they will be doing.
A country grows only by spreading love & peace among each other and not by just fighting for religion and that is only because of those silly politics.
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But here it is only about politics, the question is about caste and religion.
Caste and religious sentiments should not be allowed to play an important role in elections in a democracy
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