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               organ donation is very important that every large hearted humans have to do. in india around 6000 people dead for organ transplant.a single person can save 50 life by organ donation. don't take ur organs to heaven lets make heaven in the earth. allmost every organs can be donated. ogans like heart, liver ,pancreas, eyes,  kidney, intestine, heart valves, bone marrow, bones, connective tissues, etc can be donated. the healthy persons without age are eligible donars. the people who have hiv or active cancer cannot donate their organs. the great legend like marxist patriarch jyoti basu had donated his organs for medical reasearch. vinda karandikar {marati writer and jnanpith award winner]  also donate his organs to sir  pls donate organs and live after death. live and let live. 
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We can Donate our organ to another people after our dead, so that other people could get a 2nd Life. We can donate many organs some are listed Below.

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