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The entire story revolves around the lives of those bravehearts, who sacrificed their lives and contributed in their own way, when mumbai was faced with the terrorist attacks on 26 november 2008.
this story is about the unsung heroes, some even laying their own lives, to save others.
Plot of the story:-
Mrs.Baruah's assignment - students speak on famous personalities - Kabeer's initial hesitation - kabeer speaks on the heroes of the terrorist attacks on mumbai - kabeer tribute to unsung heroes - Everyone's emotions aroused - Studends give a standing ovation to kabeer - Mrs. Baruah feels proud of her students.
The first and the foremost theme that the story concerns is what constitutes true does not always need to be a popular actor, a sportsman, a soldier or a policeman to be a hero in real life.
Even a ordinary man can become a hero, with his strength of will, wisdom and courage.
Even kabeer himself, who was an average student, becomes the hero of the class, because of his hard work .
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