This is one of our icse math project topics right?? Well our teacher explained it to us..first we need to draw a huge circle on a chart paper with unknown radius.Then we need to cut out equal sections of the circle just like how u cut a pizza slice.When u have cut out the whole circle, place each section next to each other by alternately placing in opposite direction.Now u'll get a line of these sections.Measure the length of it and this gives u the circumference of the circle.Now from the circumference u can find the radius of the circle using the formula 2 \pi r. From the resulting radius u can easily find out the area of the circle using the formula  \pi r^{2} .
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can you please tell how to find the radius of the circle from the circumference
circumference is 2(pie)r. when u find out the value of the circumference, equate it to 2(pie)r and then simplify to get the value of r.
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