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 Earthquake, one of the most dangerous natural disasters is being experienced by various people in various places. Nepal is a seismic prone country and the risk it faces from earthquakes is very high. Nepal can expect two earthquakes of magnitude 7.5-8 on the Richter scale every forty years and one earthquake of magnitude of 8+ in Richter scale every eighty years. According to research there are around 92 fault lines which results earthquake in Nepal. And also in the list of most danger country of earthquake, Nepal is in the 11th position as well as the city in which there will be more human casualties, Nepal is in 1st position.Casualty figures were highest for any recorded earthquake in the history of Nepal. In total 8519 people lost their lives in Nepal, A total of 126355 houses were severely damaged and around 80893 buildings were completely destroyed. Total money spent from the earthquake reliefFUND was NRs 206500 inside Kathmandu valley only. Earthquake reliefFUND was established by the king, loans were provided for earthquake effected people and earthquake volunteers groups were formed.

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