We can help poor children by giving them some money,clothes.if they were children joining them in any children homes so that they can gain good education,clothes and also they can also have  some friends and can know the relationships.we can give them some food or money in which we have.prayer is also a good help for poor people though we don't have much ability to give them money,food or shelter.
1. We should help them whenever they are needed.
2. We should respect them.
3. We should show our love to them.
4. We should not talk to them using bad words.
5. We should care about them.
6. We should give proper food to eat.
7. We should not neglect them as they are incapable of doing anything by their             own.
8. We should not hate them.
9. We should always listen to what they want.
10. We should not make them feel to be out of our society.
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