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Water as a source of life and inspiration
Water is the life line of all living organisms. Without water life won't sustain in this planet, and again it is this water which makes our planet unique as the "Blue planet" in the universe. Being so very special for life it can be easily that -

" Water is the source of life and inspiration."
60 -70 % of our body is water. Water is a major constituent of our diet, not only as drinking water, but also in many of our foods. A person isn't able to live even for a week without water. 
Each and every member of the biotic kingdom lives on cause of water. Plants die if they don't have a proper source of water. Animals can't survive if they lack enough water.
Our brain needs water for proper functioning. Dehydrated body invites many diseases. 
Water is also a source of inspiration for many. The sea stretching for miles on the end is a awesome  thing to ponder over. They are a beautiful inspiration. Lakes and ponds too leave lovely impressions on people's minds. Water is a wonderful remedy too. Be it dehydration, stomach ache or head ache a glass of water can always act wonders. 
"A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man."
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