It is impossible Proof: Let x, y, z be 3 required odd numbers x+y+z=30 Odd no. +odd no. =even no. So x+y=even z+even no. =30 (which is even no.) z+even no. =even no. z=even no. - even no. So, z=even no... But.... Z is odd no. Hence, sum of 3 odd numbers can never be 30 or any even number.
The sum of three odd numbers gives an odd number
So, the sum of 3 given odd numbers doesnt results 30
So, it is an impossible factor
here we can't use 3! too
because 3! [3×2×1] results a even number 6
so we cant use it.
If there will be an allowance of factorials, then the answers will be
3! + 15 + 9 =30

3! + 11 + 13 = 30
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