The patriotism referred to Indian's Heroes-
The first and the foremost theme is that the story concerns ,what is true heroism.
This story sing about the unsung heroes, who contributed immensly in the time of danger, even laying their own lives, to save others. to the suffering and grief of others, the author shows how the yonger generation expresses its solidarity with the victims, and shows its respect for these brave heroes of our country, whose names will forever be laid down in our memories.
the author wanted to make us realize- with caring, selfless and sensitive citizens as these, india would one day certainly
In the world of today, when the grown-ups have become in be terror free and become the topmost country in the world
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Patriotism of heroes of our motherland cannot be expressed in words. They used to live for the nation and lay their lives to save the nation. Their selflessness and patriotism are still memorised by our country. They died so that the future of the country is bright, the country has no fear and live a life safely in the lap of the motherland. They did not care of their own, they had only one dream one goal one mission that is to get a independent terror free India that they left for us. They themselves shed their blood so that the new or next generation can live happily peacefully and not in terror. At last i will conclude by saying that salute to the patriotism of our heroes that laid the foundation of terror free beautiful and mesmerising golden sparrow again.
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