Yes we should discuss about this adult education because without this our country wont have a good population that is the illiterate adult who dont have common that is basic knowldege should have basic education because it may lead to health problems because if they are suffering from fever they have to buy medicines so that they should have basic knowledge to atleast see that how that medicine works and what is its expire date because without knowing how will they use it 
this is one of the reason
some other reasons are adult should have education because if they have atleast basic education they can educate their children and can learn tham guide them in good manner in this way education for adults is important  
these are the some of the reasons in which education that is education for adults is important 
it is not only important for but for the country because the country will develop due to this more educated people will be there to develop our country in this way our country will develop 
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Education has been provided to a few fortunate people and this has widened the gap between a few literate and millions of illiterate people in India.Adult education has now become a great necessity in India. It is obvious that an adult will be interested in studying only that which can help him with his occupation. He won’t be interested in learning from scratch and that too all those subjects that can never help him with the earning of his livelihood.Even as a demonstration effort, this is far too insignificant. There are too many people who are still illiterate in this country. The success of this programmes depends upon the implementation of the results of a systematic research done in the field of non-formal education.The television, radio, video systems, films etc. are of great use as visual aids to help in these adult education programmes.Education is a lifelong process. the adult of today should have the need of an understanding of the rapid changing contemporary world and the grooving complexities of the modem society adult education is not co-terminus with schooling but takes place in work and life situations..........

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